Garden Bird Rocker


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A collection of garden bird rockers which can be tucked amongst the foliage in the garden, finished in a highly fashionable or rustic look and available in different designs

Rocker 1 : 125cm x 42cm x 20cm

Rocker 2 : 140cm x 33cm x 15cm

Rocker 3 : 140cm x 34cm x 15cm

Rocker 4 : 140

Rocker 10 :

Mrs Crow : 14.6cm x 25.4cm x 144.8cm

Mr Crow : 14.6cm x 25.4cm x 147.3cm

2 Birds : 85cm x 33cm x 134.6cmcm x 34cm x 20cm

Tui’s :

Flying Bird : 81cm x 58cm x 138cm

Bird Family : 71cm  x 16.5cm x 122cm

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Rocker1, Rocker2, Rocker3, Rocker4, Mrs Crow, Mr Crow, 2 Birds, Rocker10, Flying Bird, Bird Family